BioSurveillance of Alien Forest Enemies (BioSAFE)

What is BioSAFE project?

The BioSAFE project is tackling four of the most important forest enemies: the Asian longhorned beetle, Asian gypsy moth, Dutch elm disease and sudden oak death. Our team has collected global populations of these pests and pathogens and has generated genomic resources of over 2000 samples in total. By comparing genome sequences from these global collections our team is identifying diagnostic markers that will be developed into tools that will allow identification of species, subspecies and geographic origin for intercepted samples.

The BioSAFE server provides access to:

  • BioSAFE database: Genotype and geographical origin of samples collected in the project
  • Mycorrhiza: Machine learning predictor of geographic origin from genotype data
  • FunLifeDB: Database of fungi trophic levels extracted from the literature